From miners for miners

Integrate any asset from any operation

Most quarries consist of mixed fleets with machines & assets from various OEMs. smartQuarry offers an integrated solution for any asset type, from any OEM, for any operation and for any user role imaginable.

Any Asset

How do assets differ?

Mixed mobile & stationary assets for different tasks

Different years of construction and sensor equipment

Various connections, plugs and control devices

Diverse BUS-systems, formats and data points

Any Manufacturer

Which OEM-specific limitations are overcome?

Login into one uniform solution regardless of OEM

Compare assets of same type, so apples with apples, not with pears

Extended KPIs and performance measurements on target values that matter to you!

Collaborative partner ecosystem for extensions in sensors & services

Any Operation

Which operations can be integrated, monitored and predicted?

Mobile operations from Loading over hauling to dumping

Stationary operations from crushing over conveying to stockpiling

Wet extraction from dredging over pumping to sieving

And all measurement and analysis devices on the way such es weighing cells, flow and optical measurements

Any role/user

Who are the users and what roles and responsibilities does the solution serve?

Responsible for the seamless production of a whole quarry

In charge of the technical lead across all mine sites of your organization

In control of scheduling and mine planning for the next quarters, years and decades

Managing any machine health issues and maintenance workflows

Move mountains with your data

Easy to deploy.

Install quickly. Don't lift a finger.

Flexible Subscriptions.

Choose a subscription that fits your business needs.

Get help ordering.

If you have any questions feel free to contact an expert.

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